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Basketball Court

Educating mind, body, and spirit.

San Juan del Rio’s Athletic Program has a long and outstanding tradition.  SJDR Saints participate in Division II sports within the Diocese of St. Augustine and compete at the highest levels.


Our athletic program includes:

  • Boys/Girls Basketball (Fall)

  • Co-ed Soccer (Winter)

  • Boys/Girls Softball (Spring)

  • Golf

  • Cross Country

  • Cheerleading


Before a student can participate in tryouts, the following must be completed and turned in to the office:

  • Student Athletic Participation Application (completed by parent)

  • Medical History Sheet (completed by parent)

  • Physical Exam by Physician (completed by physician after June 1 of the summer before present school year)


It is both an honor and a responsibility to be a member of a San Juan del Rio sports team. However, these additional responsibilities should not hinder a student’s academic progress. Grades are closely monitored and if an athlete’s conduct or academic grades are not satisfactory, the athlete will be placed on a two-week suspension.

During suspension the athlete may not participate in scheduled games but continues to practice with the team. The athlete will be required to attend all scheduled games and sit on the bench with the rest of the team dressed in accordance with the non-uniform code.  If grades have not improved after a two-week period, the athlete may be asked to leave the team.  If the student athlete experiences more than one academic probation during a school year, he/she may be ineligible to try out for future teams.  We take academics very seriously at SJDR.  Disciplinary problems can result in team expulsion at any time.

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